Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NESV To Sue Liverpool If Deal Not Approved

It emerged last night that
prospective Liverpool owner
John W Henry will demand tens
of millions of pounds if his deal is
not rubber-stamped by the
Liverpool board.
NESV insisted that it would
defend its deal with the club and
could sue for “tens of millions in
damages” should the board
decide to sell to another bidder.
David Chivers QC, acting for NESV
“These could result in very
substantial damages running
into tens of millions of
pounds. ”
Hardly the sort of utterances we
need to hear from our possible
new owners, looking to sue the
club before they even get to own
it. It casts John Henry ’s takeover
in a bad light before they even
begin to run our club.
Let us hope that they are not
another hard-balled owner of the
club who are out to make a fast
buck on Liverpool FC. In any
event, it is believed that the
Liverpool board sanctioned the
approval of their bid last week
and that contracts may have
been signed with NESV for the
sale of the club.

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