Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hodgson: I Want To Win Now

Roy Hodgson admits he would love to make a winning start to what he regards as 'one of the most passionate derbies' in world football. The Reds boss gets his first taste of the all-Merseyside clash when 17th placed Everton host 18th placed Liverpool on Sunday afternoon and he acknowledges that their current predicament makes the encounter all the more significant. "I am looking forward to it. It would've been nice if we could have been in a better position though," Hodgson told "I'm sure my colleague David (Moyes) would be saying the same thing. It's a bit unusual to see a derby with both teams down there but I'm pretty sure we'll see both teams in a better position for the next one. "I suppose there is extra importance because both of us are desperately in need of points - but it would be nice if we could get them." He added: "In terms of passion I think this derby stands up there with the best ones. If you are talking about derbies which excite all the people within the city, then you have to think of the ones from Glasgow and Milan too. "If you are talking about pure derbies, then Chelsea versus Fulham certainly doesn't compare to Liverpool and Everton - only Milan and Glasgow can do that." The Reds head into the match with the likes of Raul Meireles and Joe Cole amongst a host of players hoping to make their Merseyside derby bow. Hodgson accepts it is difficult to prepare new players for such a unique encounter but is confident his acquisitions can make a positive impact. "On paper and verbally, you could say they know what to expect, but you can only really know what to expect when you have the experience," he said. "Quite a few of our players are new - some are new to the country and not just the club, so it takes time for players to adjust to that. "We are naive in our expectations sometimes. We sign a good player from abroad and then expect him to go and play like Steven Gerrard from the first moment. That doesn't happen. "That's our situation at the moment. It's a new team and a new venture. Maybe we've expected too much from some of the people - they are still finding their feet. But they are good players so let's hope they have the ability and quality to deal with it." Both sides head into Sunday's 214th Merseyside derby knowing that a victory could kick-start a season that has so far not lived up to expectations. Hodgson feels their current league positions are false and expects them to make a sustained bid to finish in the European places come May. "I think Everton have been unlucky. I think they've played quite well and not got the points," he said. "I don't think either of us have benefitted from a great deal of luck in these opening games, so we find ourselves down there. But we also find ourselves just two wins away from being just outside the Champions League places, so that's how ridiculously tight the league is. "If you look at the teams in and around sixth they have 11 points - only five above us. So things will change very quickly and I'll be amazed if in the next derby both teams aren't higher. "I expect both teams to be challenging for the European places by the end of the season."

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