Friday, October 15, 2010

Gillette-Hicks To Sue LFC For $1.6 Billions In Damages

The American duo will now
pursue a damages claim of $1.6
billion for what they described as
an "epic swindle" and the path is
clear for New England Sports
Ventures (NESV) to take control
of the club.
A statement from Hicks and
Gillett's camp read: ''It's an
extraordinary swindle and it will
result in exactly the wrong thing
for the club and the fans.''
Steve Stodghill, the Texas
attorney representing the duo,
added: ''This outcome not only
devalues the club but it also will
result in long-term uncertainty
for the fans, players and
everyone who loves this sport
because all legal recourses will be
''Mr Hicks and Mr Gillett pledged
to pay the debt to RBS so that the
club could avoid administration
that was threatened by RBS. That
offer was rejected.
''It is a tragic development that
others will claim as a victory. This
means it won't be resolved the
way it should be resolved. My
clients worked tirelessly to
resolve these issues but RBS
would not listen to any
reasonable solution and the
directors acted selfishly and
''Mr. Hicks and Mr. Gillett wanted
to position this club for the
future, but others have a
different agenda. In truth, there
is nothing positive from these
events for Liverpool Football
[Club]. That is exactly the
opposite of what my clients
wanted to achieve.''

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