Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LFC Board Meeting At 8pm Tonight

Following the victory of RBS and
Liverpool Football Club at High
Court this morning, Chairman
Martin Broughton has confirmed
that the reconstituted board will
meet at 8pm this evening to
progress the sale of the club.
Liverpool Football Club issued
the following statement
following the court victory this
“We are delighted that the court
has clarified the issue of board
composition and has removed
the uncertainty around the sale
process. ”
“We will now be consulting with
our lawyers and planning for a
board meeting tonight. A further
statement will be made in due
course. ”
On exiting the court Broughton
“We are delighted with the result.
We feel justice has been done.
That ’s what we came for and
that’s what we got. We are
Despite the previously agreed
sale of the club to John Henry ’s
New England Sports Ventures
(NESV), Broughton also
confirmed that the club would, as
expected, be seeking legal advice
in regards to other bids lodged
with the club as well as if a
declaratory judgement an option
rather than a condition of the
sale moving forward. John Henry
himself was quick to come
forward with congratulations via
his Twitter account @john_w_
henry as today’s case came to a
He tweeted; “Well done Martin,
Christian & Ian. Well done RBS.
Well done supporters !”
The Anfield club will now look to
wrap up the formalities of the
sale and commence with the
start of “a bright future”, after
several years of pain and anguish
under Hicks & Gillett ’s control had
caused growing damage to the
fortunes of the club both on and
off the pitch, tarnishing its
identity and traditions in the eyes
of many fans.
Justice Floyd said it would be
“ inappropriate” for Hicks and
Gillett to appeal against his
verdict, but the option does
remain for them to make an
application to the Court of
Appeal. Keith Oliver, a lawyer
working for H&G, said he was
consulting with the Americans as
to any next move that they would
make. He added that; ”we are
disappointed by the judge’s
determination on the application
and Mr Hicks and Mr Gillett will
now be considering their next
steps ”.
Liverpool is not in the hands of
NESV just yet, or for that matter
Peter Lim or any other, but a
bright new dawn is certainly
now presented as the club now
heads for a new world free of
the acquisition debt that has
burdened them for so long and
in the opposite direction to
threats of administration.

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