Saturday, October 9, 2010

Broughton Unsure Of Hodgson Staying

Prospective owners New England
Sports Ventures (NESV), led by
John W Henry, plans to sit down
with Hodgson once the deal is
complete to discuss his vision for
Liverpool's future.
The men who own the Boston
Red Sox have no immediate plans
to install their own manager but
Broughton was brutally honest
about the situation Hodgson
now faces, and how Hodgson
entered into his Liverpool
contract with his eyes wide
In an exclusive interview with
ESPNsoccernet, Broughton
revealed: "Roy knew when he
signed up from Fulham that we
were in the process of finding
new owners, it was not a
surprise to him. He was fully
reconciled with the possibility
there would be an ownership
chance and the risk involved with
"But Roy is self confident and
was, when he signed up,
confident he was capable of
doing the job at Liverpool. With
that in mind provisions were
made in Roy's contract to relate
specifically to any change in
The 'break clause' in Hodgson's
contract was revealed by
ESPNsoccernet this week,
although even then there were
no hints that a change in
manager was being planned
"I suggested that the clause
relates to Hodgson being paid a
full year's salary within 28 days
should the new owners want to
bring in their own manager,"
Broughton commented: "I don't
have Roy's contract in front of
me, so I can't comment on that,
but it is something like that in his
"But he came to the club
knowing full well the
circumstances and the risks
attached to it."
Hodgson will have to prove
himself to the new owners.
Broughton added: "I would full
expect Roy to continue as
manager and there has been no
indication to me to suggest
otherwise. However, as we all
know, at the end of the day,
everything depends on results."

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