Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fulham Star Zamora Not Blaming Hodgson Over Liverpool Crisis

Fulham striker Bobby Zamora
isn't surprised to see Liverpool
initially struggling under
manager Roy Hodgson.
Zamora says it will take time for
Liverpool's players to adjust to
what Hodgson wants from them.
He told The Independent: "Roy
Hodgson was good for me, and
good for the team, and I was
obviously disappointed when he
left Fulham, but I can't blame him.
Liverpool are one of the big clubs
in the world. The criticism he is
getting is ridiculous.
"It is far too early for that,
especially as he has been unlucky
with injuries. Any sane person
knows Liverpool will not be
down there at the end of the
"He does have his own way of
playing, and it takes a while for
everyone to pick it up and know
where they need to be, but I am
sure when they do Liverpool will
be even harder to beat than they
were before."

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