Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Broughton: Legal Complication With Peter Lim Bid

Speaking after Liverpool’s High
Court victory, Chairman Martin
Broughton was asked about
whether the reconstituted board
will talk about other bids at
tonight ’s meeting.
Question from reporter: Do you
have a duty to consider any of
the other bids that have come in
that may be higher?
Broughton: We will take legal
advice on this.
Bidder Peter Lim has spoken
after Liverpool’s High Court
“I welcome the decision of
the court. I hope that when
the board is reconstituted
tonight that it will not simply
ratify a sale to NESV but will
consider all the offers before
them. I am asking the board
to run a full and fair process
that enables all of the offers
to be considered on their
merits before the future of
the club is decided. I have
delivered my offer to the
board and believe that my
ownership represents the
best option for the future of
the club and its supporters. ”
NESV believe however they
already have a binding contract
with LFC and that the sale will be
ratified tonight:
“NESV welcomes today’s High
Court judgment, which is a
huge step forward for
Liverpool FC,” said a
statement from the Boston-
based limited liability
company. NESV has a binding
agreement in place with the
board of Liverpool FC and we
are looking forward to
concluding the deal. We are
ready to move quickly and
help create the stability and
certainty which the club
needs at this time. It is time
to return the focus to the
club itself and performances
on the pitch. ”

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