Monday, October 4, 2010

Liverpool Legend Fairclough Hospitalised

Rumours were swirling earlier that Liverpool legend "Super Sub" David Fairclough has been admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack. Unfortunately it looks like the rumours were true however thankfully David 's condition was described as mild and looks like he should be released from hospital on Wednesday. Here are the Tweets from Jimmy Rice, Jim Boardman and the official LFC Twitter. @JimmyRiceWriter Just heard about David Fairclough. Best wishes to him and his family. Top fella. @JimmyRiceWriter Just spoke to .tv commentator Steve Hunter. He 's spoken to David Fairclough and he's doing alright. Mild heart scare but keeping chin up. @JimBoardman: Told that David Fairclough is OK, he 's recovering in hospital and he expects to be released on Wednesday. @LFCTV Get well soon Davie Fairclough. In hospital recovering after mild heart scare.Our man Steve Hunter 's spoken to him and his chin's up Y.N.W.A. David Get well soon

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