Sunday, October 10, 2010

Liverpool Takeover In Critical Phase

Liverpool's proposed takeover
by New England Sports
Ventures (NESV) could be
jeopardised if the club is docked
nine points, BBC Sport
An NESV source said the penalty,
which is likely if the club's parent
company goes into
administration, would be "a deal
Liverpool chairman Martin
Broughton told BBC Sport that
the threat of NESV walking away
"is not my understanding".
But he has admitted that
administration would be
"catastrophic" for the club.
NESV's proposed £300m
takeover is set to be opposed in
the High Court next week by
Liverpool owners Tom Hicks and
George Gillett.
Their parent company Kop
Holdings owe £280m to Royal
Bank of Scotland (RBS) and must
pay by 15 October.
If the American duo are
successful in blocking the
proposed sale, or if it is delayed
beyond next Friday, RBS may
place Kop Holdings into
administration to release the
money owed to them.
Because the club is the only asset
of Kop Holdings, the Premier
League would then be likely to
deduct nine points, leaving
Liverpool on -3 points and
bottom of the table after a dismal
start to the season.

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