Sunday, October 10, 2010

Confused NESV Turn To Rick Parry

Rick Parry has emerged as an
advisor to New England Sports
Ventures in their bid to buy
Liverpool Football Club.
The 55-year-old has been
consulted with regard to the club
itself and Premier League. He may
also be assisting the legal case
being constructed to unseat
George Gillett and Tom Hicks as
After acting as the chief exective
to the newly formed Premiership
Parry held the equivalent post at
Anfield for 11 years.
This included the period when
the Reds were sold to the
American duo.
His recommendation that Gillett
and Hicks's offer be accepted
was crucial in the deal finally
going through and beating
competition from Dubai
International Capital.
This amongst matters related to
transfers and the authority of
former manager Rafael Benitez
made him unpopular with
Liverpool fans.
When the 2008-09 season closed
Parry left Liverpool and was
recently appointed a non-
executive director of the freshly
revived New York Cosmos club.
Financial reports suggest he
received just under £4.3 million
on vacating office at Liverpool.
His future level of involvement
with the club should NESV
overcome the legal challenge to
their purchase is unknown.

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