Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liverpool Board Furious With Hicks, Ready To Have Injunction Removed

Liverpool FC responded with a
statement of their own in
regards to the developments:
“Following the successful
conclusion of High Court
proceedings today, the Boards of
Directors of Kop Football and Kop
Holdings met tonight and
resolved to complete the sale of
Liverpool FC to New England
Sports Ventures.
Regretably, Thomas Hicks and
George Gillett have tonight
obtained a Temporary
Restraining Order from a Texas
District Court against the
independent directors, Royal
Bank of Scotland PLC and NESV to
prevent the transaction being
The independent directors
consider the restraining order to
be unwarranted and damaging
and will move as swiftly as
possible to seek to have it
A further statement will be made
in due course. ”
The latest developments place
RBS in a tight spot with both US
interests to protect as well as the
Hicks & Gillett debt to call in on
Friday of this week, closure
tonight would have provided
them with 48hrs to conclude
arrangements and avoid further
conversations around entering
the club into administration. The
Liverpool FC board remain
hopeful that via legal process
they can have the TRO removed
shortly, ahead of the October
25th Texas court date but in the
meantime Hicks and Gillett
potentially wriggle free for a
couple of days more yet.

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