Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Liverpool Chairman Werner Ready To Turn Stuff Around

New Liverpool chairman Tom Werner says NESV are excited by the challenge of reviving the fallen giants. Reclaiming the mantle of England's most successful club is something that excites Werner and he has drawn comparisons between how the Red Sox have managed to close the gap between themselves and the New York Yankees. "I think that would be a good comparison," he said. "The Yankees continue to have the best revenues in baseball but we have been successful in playing them head-to-head and we expect to play Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal and other clubs head-to-head. "There will be trophies in that trophy case going forward. It's a pledge. I don't know when we will honour that pledge but we will honour it. "We're going to make steady progress. We're in a very competitive league but we won't settle for anything less than first." Some Liverpool fans have welcomed the arrival of Henry and Werner with scepticism after the ill-fated reign of their fellow countrymen Tom Hicks and George Gillett, but Werner assured them that there is nothing to worry about. "I understand their caution. John and I are men of our words," he said. "There's no acquisition debt on the club, there is a bit of stadium debt, that's understandable. Any profits we make going forward will be invested in the club. Our intention is to build the asset."

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