Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peter Lim Makes Higher Offer For Liverpool

Singapore businessman Peter
Lim has offered Stg320m to buy
Liverpool Football Club, and
pledged to give manager Roy
Hodgson Stg40m for new
players, he revealed in a
statement on Tuesday.
Lim said: "I respect and admire
Liverpool Football Club, which is
steeped in tradition and history. I
am committed to rebuild the Club
so that it can soon regain its
position at the pinnacle of
English and European football,
where it truly belongs.
"This is why I have stepped
forward with this offer. I believe
that if its massive debt burden
can be removed, the club would
be able to focus on improving its
performance on the pitch.
"My offer pays off the existing
owners' bank acquisition debt
and also frees the club of its own
bank debt. If the Board accepts
this offer, the monies are
available immediately thereby
removing the threat of
"The club needs to strengthen its
existing squad. As part of this
offer, I will be injecting STG40m
in cash into the Club for Roy
Hodgson to bring in new players
during the upcoming transfer
window. Liverpool needs to start
winning again!
"My offer provides a firm
financial platform from which the
club can rebuild. Given the
manner in which the sale
process has been handled, I feel
Martin and the board owe it to
me, to the club, and to the
supporters, to consider my

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