Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Torres Set To Unleash Venomous Self In Derby Return

Fernando Torres and Paul
Konchesky could be fit for
Both players have returned to full
training following their recent
injuries and Head of Sports
Science and Sports Medicine
Peter Brukner is hopefull the pair
will be fit enough to face Everton
at the weekend.
"Fernando is doing pretty well.
He had a slight tear in one of his
adductor muscles very early on in
the game against Blackpool that
prevented him going away with
Spain in the internationals,"
Brukner told the club's official
website this morning.
"He has had intense treatment
over the last 10 days and
responded very well to that
treatment. He's ready to resume
training today and if we can
build up his training and get
through the next few days, then
we are optimistic but not certain
that he will be able to line up
against Everton.
"It's still early days but so far so
good. He has responded well to
the treatment but we will just
have to wait and see whether he
is able to build up his training
"He'll join in the full training
session on Thursday, then build
up Friday and Saturday. If he gets
through these sessions and he is
able to stretch out fully and has
no after effect from the sessions
then he will be able to play.
"So we are optimistic he will be
ready but it's still too early to say
for sure.
"Paul is coming along well and
will join in full training on
Thursday for the first time," he
"He's done everything we have
asked of him so far and he's
done a lot of running and a lot of
strength work on his hamstring.
"Again, it's a bit similar to
Fernando that we are reasonably
confident he will be available for
Everton, but it just depends on
his body responds to training.
You can do lot of running and
things but until you are actually
placed in an intense situation in
training you don't really know
how the body is going to
"But at this stage we are
optimistic about him as well."

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