Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reds Ready To Get Dirty With American Owners

Liverpool are ready to get nasty
with the club's much-maligned
The Daily Mail says Liverpool are
ready to try to destroy the
credibility of Tom Hicks and
George Gillett by portraying them
as liars at the beginning and end
of their controversial three-and-
a-half year Anfield reign.
Chairman Martin Broughton will
produce written evidence at the
High Court that Liverpool's co-
owners acted illegally in
attempting to sack board
members Christian Purslow and
Ian Ayre and block the proposed
£300million sale to New England
Sports Ventures.
Hicks denied on Thursday that he
gave Broughton power over
boardroom changes and selling
the club, but Liverpool say they
can prove him wrong.
And in a move that could be
devastating for the Americans,
Broughton is expected to show
that they falsely promised, in
February 2007, not to pile debt
on the club.
Shortly before seizing control,
they wrote to shareholders to
say that repayment of debt
"would not, to any significant
extent, depend on the revenues
of the club".
Purslow was a shareholder at the
time, and it is understood the
pledge could come back to haunt
Hicks and Gillett, with Liverpool's
lawyers Slaughter and May ready
to discredit them.

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