Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Broughton: Trust Me Reds

Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton asks Liverpool fans to trust his judgement and keep faith in their beloved club. "There's nothing wrong with being American," he said following news that the club is about to be sold to American businessman John W Henry. "Leverage is a problem in a football club whoever it comes from and wherever you are you have to have the right people. "These are the right people. My message is 'keep the faith', we said we would give you the best owners. I honestly believe we have delivered the best owners. "I understand the fans' frustrations, right the way through the process every fan wants to know what's going on. "I've always believed the best way to deliver the best owners was privately and concluding the deal, then delivering it, not through the public gaze so I apologise for not giving a running commentary. "I say to fans - keep the faith!"

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