Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Man Behind NESV Takeover Revealed

Joe Januszewski has emerged as the Liverpool fan within the New England Sports Ventures empire who persuaded John W Henry to proceed with his £300million Anfield buy-out. Januszewski, a senior vice- president at NESV, was seen deep in conversation with Henry during half-time at Goodison and could be in line for a Liverpool- based post in due course, says the Daily Mail. "I'm a 20-year follower of the mighty Reds, so this is kinda like a dream come true," he said. "People look at me and say, 'What 's the deal?' I tell them baseball is my business but Liverpool FC is my passion. I sent an email to John and Larry Luccinho (Red Sox CEO) a couple of months ago and told them to monitor the ownership situation. "It was as a fan, really, but also as a businessman who follows sport. I told him that maybe we should take a look at this opportunity. I told him my bags are always packed for Liverpool. "My roots in football go back to the 1974 World Cup. My father was in the military and we were based in West Germany. Everyone was talking about 'Der Kaiser', Franz Beckenbauer, and that was my introduction. "My first connection with LFC was rooted in tragedy. I remember the horrible footage of Hillsborough in April 1989. I remember my mother crying. I don 't have to tell you about the horrific imagery. "As a child who grew up loving football and having a dad who loved The Beatles, it just seemed there was an emotional connection with Liverpool. My first match was January 2005. We played United and lost 1-0. "Wayne Rooney scored a soft goal at the Kop End. Everyone was screaming certain obscenities at him and he pulled the Shrek ears! I 'm in the Main Stand, looking at the Kop, hearing You 'll Never Walk Alone, and I think to myself 'I've picked the right club'."

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