Monday, October 18, 2010

John Henry Delighted To Be At Anfield

New Liverpool owner John Henry has expressed his delight in his first interview since taking over at the Merseyside club. American company NESV completed a £300 million deal of the club on Friday and Henry now believes he can lead them into a new exciting era at Anfield. " We're incredibly pleased [to be the club's new owners]," Henry told " Talking to all the partners in the States, they're extremely happy. " It has been a dramatic few days, twists and turns, it's been stressful but finally we have it done and that was our goal and our hope and I'm extremely proud of this team that worked on this deal. " Henry stated that he was not confident that the deal was going to go through, but the praised his team of completing the deal. " There were many days where I was wondering whether or not we'd be going home. " He added. "In fact, even today I wasn't a hundred per cent confident. There were days where I was confident but there were a lot of twists and turns here. " It was a terrific team - Martin, Ian, Christian - who did a tremendous job of managing this process and I'm just happy it ended successfully. " There are a lot of similarities [between Liverpool and Boston Red Sox] and that was something we've been discussing as we started doing our due diligence. " We found more and more similarities between Liverpool 2010 and the Red Sox of 2001. I won't go into them at this point, but for instance the stadium issue was a big issue in Boston in 2001 and we went in there not knowing what we should do, whether we should build a new ball park or refurbish Fenway. " We have the same issue here. We have to listen, learn, talk to the community, talk to the council, talk with the supporters, but the biggest issue of all is really what makes the most sense for Liverpool long term. Henry also continued by saying that he understood fans concerns over being taken over by a new set of Americans, after how former owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks bought such misery to Anfield. " It's been a tough three years and there were a lot of expectations created, so one thing I'm going to try not to do is to create a lot of expectations, " he added. " I'm going to hopefully rather than make promises, deliver. When I say I, I mean New England Sports Ventures. " We've got a very strong organisation, financially and otherwise, we have some terrific strategic thinkers and we're going to be attacking this head on starting tomorrow. " All I can say at this point is we're going to work as hard for you [the fans] as we possibly can and there's no doubt about it, you deserve it. " The fans have supported this club through the worst of times now and we're going to do everything in our power to make the supporters proud of their club and of us. " It's a big challenge but I think we're up for that challenge."

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