Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hodgson: Dark Clouds Finally Lifted

Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson admits a cloud will have been lifted from the club if NESV complete their takeover of the club. In a week of drama for the Reds off the pitch current co-owners have conceded defeat in their battle to prevent the sale of Liverpool to New England Sports Ventures. NESV are now finally set to complete their takeover of Liverpool after Hicks and Gillett removed the restraining order blocking any sale. An official confirmation of the takeover has yet to be announced, but Hodgson admits the prospective deal will come as a major relief to everyone at the club. "It is a very positive situation, if that is the case, and a very good day for the club - a day everyone at the club will welcome and the new owners will welcome," said Hodgson. "It is a relief. It has been a very difficult couple of weeks. "For this long drawn-out court battle to take place and Liverpool's name to be on the television screens and in the newspapers every day for anything other than positive reasons has been a bad time. "We've had to live through that bad time but hopefully now, if NESV are going to take over, that would be very good news for us going into the important match at the weekend." Hodgson added: "There is no doubt a cloud has been lifted from the football club today, if as I say that the takeover has been completed. "If it's true there is no doubt a cloud will have been lifted and no doubt the players will be able to get on with playing football without having any questions to answer or maybe any fears quite frankly. "I don't know how much they are affected by the feat of the club going into administration it is not something you can assess. Asked if he could sense among the squad, Hodgson added: "A little bit." I think we have been quite brave refusing to accept that or in anyway use it as an excuse and I don't want to use it an excuse now either "The fact is we have six points from seven games because we have lost games we should have done better in. "But it would also be naive of me to think that these things don't matter. "We are very proud of club, very proud to work at club and when club is in a bad situation it is bound to affect you in some way."

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