Friday, September 24, 2010

Roy Comes To Rescue Of Defender Agger

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson
has responded to the incident
surrounding Daniel Agger‘s
comments to Danish TV in which
the Dane has claimed his words
were taken out of context:
“This happens a lot. A player
is not in the team, he does
an interview on his national
television, people then take
his answers and put
different questions to them.
The boy is very, very upset
because he hasn’t said these
things but it’s another nice
little headline after the defeat
to Manchester United.”
Asked whether he would talk to
Agger about the incident,
Hodgson said:
“I don’t give players mass
media training. I would give
mass media training to
young players but Agger has
played many games for
Liverpool and Denmark – I
wouldn’t want to pull him
aside and say, ‘be careful
what you say.’ He already
understands those things.
You are going to get caught
out sometimes. ”

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