Monday, September 27, 2010

Miereles Hopes Of More Portuguese Fans For Liverpool

Raul Meireles hopes to help
Liverpool become a favourite of
Portuguese fans.
Hungry for success he hopes that
he can settle quickly on
Merseyside and help the Reds
secure glory.
"I haven't come here to relax or
be on holiday. I want this place
to become home for us," Meireles
told LFC Weekly.
"My wife has been learning about
the city and its history and in
many ways, it reminds me of
Porto because of its links to the
"The city has a lot of grand
buildings and it is very
impressive. I feel happy here
already. In Portugal, everybody
knows about Liverpool.
"Over the last few years,
Manchester United have become
quite popular because of
Ronaldo, but I hope that more
people will start to support
Liverpool now because I am

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