Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Agger-Poulson Swap Rumoured

The rumour mongers are out in force at the moment and the latest Liverpool star that the tabloids are trying to move on is Daniel Agger. Rumour has it that Juventus want Agger to join them in Serie A so in an attempt to get him they'll offer us his international teammate Christian Poulsen as bait along with money.

Alberto Aquilani is described as "injury prone" when saying the Reds decided to sign the Italian instead of the Dane, who had been a long term target, last summer. The Danish midfielder is hardly a player that is well known for his fitness record either as he has had a series of injuries in recent times so in my honest opinion that analogy is unfair on Alberto to suggest he is the injury prone one. His injury is a rather long term one so that doesn't exactly make him injury prone.

£4m plus Poulsen may seem like a good deal for Agger to the untrained eye however a fully fit and firing DAgger has the potential to be one of the best defenders in Europe so I'm not expecting Roy Hodgson to be tempted to let him go anytime soon and the defender has already said that he doesn't want to leave Anfield so this is a non starter.

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