Thursday, October 14, 2010

Victory: Liverpool 2 Hicks 0

Liverpool have won their
injunction against a restraining
order by George Gillett and Tom
Hicks to proceed with the sale
of the club.
Hicks gained a temporary
injunction from the Texas State
Courts to block a takeover by
New England Sports Ventures
which was due to be finalised
at a board meeting last night in
London for which prospective
new owner John Henry in
However the Anfield board of
directors and the Royal Bank of
Scotland took their battle to
have the restrictions lifted, 24
hours after winning their initial
case against the current
owners, with Mr Justice Floyd
insisting: "This case has nothing
to do with Texas."
Another board meeting will be
called later this evening where
the paperwork on NESV's Â
£300million buyout will finally
be completed after a series of
More to follow.

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