Monday, October 11, 2010

Rivals Ask Premier League To Show No Leniency Towards Liverpool

Premier League rivals will
demand Liverpool are docked
points if they go into
The People says Liverpool WILL
suffer a nine-point deduction if
they are plunged into
administration – because
Premier League rivals insist they
must be shown no mercy.
And that will put the Kop giants –
locked in a controversial takeover
battle that promises to get even
more bitter – on MINUS THREE
points, with a relegation struggle
almost certain. Premier League
hardliners say they must not be
given preferential treatment just
because of their reputation,
pointing out that Portsmouth
were docked nine points last
Anfield sources said yesterday
that the threat of a nine-point
penalty was ‘scare-mongering’ –
but People Sport has learned that
it is a very real prospect.
“There will be no escape [for
Liverpool],” a highly-placed
source told us. “We would have
problems with other clubs who
have kept their houses in order if
they got away with it. ”

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