Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fans Ecstatic After Liverpool Takeover

Liverpool fans are hopeful that New England Sports Ventures will be 'honest' after their takeover of ended the 'nightmare' ownership of George Gillett and Tom Hicks. That is the view of supporters who contacted Click Liverpool throughout yesterday as John Henry's consortium, who also own the Boston Red Sox, edged closer to the historic announcement that their  £300million deal had finally been cleared. Fans sent comments to us through this website as well as Twitter and our brand new Facebook page to air their views on the impending buyout by NESV. Here are a selection of the best comments: Phil from Widnes said: "I didn't think they'd go quietly. The sooner they get their court date and we can finally get rid of them the better. Good riddance H&G!" Rich Meese said: "Hopefully this time our 'owners' will be honest and help the club, rather than cripple it!" Carol Murphy said: "Thank god now can we play the game like we used to." NK from NY, USA: "Congrats to all LFC supporters. Forget Tom and George, they made a terrible mistake with the debt. Happy days, debt is off the club. go reds" Kathleen McGinnity said: "Mr Hicks, time for you admit defeat and retire before you have stroke,,so ya lost a few million,,ya nearly lost us our club" Siciid Sheekeye said: "I think the nightmare will end soon and we are yearning the bright future." Norman Francis Wilson said: "Goodish news. Battle won but maybe not the war. We need to know the clubs in good and secure hands." Paul Slater said: "H&G must come out of this with very poor reputations - who in their right mind would ever want to do business with these cowboys?" Niall Allen said: "I think it's an absolute disgrace that these two even came so close to causing LFC a 9-point loss. It's bad enough that they offloaded their own debt onto the club, but their actions in trying to keep the club plainly to bolster their financial status at the cost of the club, players and fans is nothing short of disgusting. Mule Do said: "those two v got brave hearts,only wish wer fightin 4 d ryt causes....happy we gettin rid of em"

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