Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inner Circle Conducts Talks With Liverpool

Inner Circle is now one of the
parties in talks with Reds
chairman Martin Broughton and
Barclays Capital about a buyout at
Six groups are believed to have
spoken to Barclays Capital about
a possible takeover, but few are
as well connected as Inner Circle
Sports, as it has a wealth of
contacts interested in making
sports investments.
The news is likely to be
welcomed by supporters, after
fans staged a sit-in protest
calling for the American owners
to go following Saturday's 2-2
draw against Sunderland at
Hicks is hoping to stay in control
at Anfield until he is able to find a
bidder willing to meet his asking
price for the club and allow the
owners to walk away from their
hugely unpopular spell in charge
with a hefty profit.
However, he has been unable to
secure the financial backing
needed to repay the money he
borrowed from Royal Bank of
Scotland to buy the club.
If that position continues until
the payment deadline next
month, RBS may choose to take
control of the club and sell it to a
new owner for around half the
£600 million price Hicks hopes to
According to the Sunday
Telegraph, RBS has yet to make a
decision about taking ownership
of Liverpool and the club's parent
company, Kop Holdings, may be
forced into administration if the
American owners are unable to
meet their repayments.
Should that happen, the Premier
League may impose a nine-point
deduction on Liverpool.

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