Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hollywood Director Involved In Anti-Hicks And Gillette Movie

Huge UK Casting Director Dan
Hubbard (King Kong, The
Damned United, The Bourne
Ultimatum etc), is a massive
Liverpool FC fan. This weekend
he is coming up to Liverpool with
Hollywood Producer & Director
Mike Jefferies and together they
are producing a viral to start a
campaign against Tom Hicks and
George Gillett. They want them
out, nothing to do with them
being Americans just, as fans,
they will not ever accept the club
they love being touted as a
product like a soft drink.
They are looking for celebrities
and influential Liverpool fans to
be involved in the viral. We have
lots of people going along
already but wondered if was
something you ’d be interested
You would only be needed for 5
minutes. Either Saturday
10am-6pm or Sunday from 9am
– Noon at Hope Street Hotel in
The viral is building momentum
and becoming known about
throughout the country, as well
as stateside. The following article
was in the Daily Mirror on 24th
September 2010:
Another viral campaign, from
Liverpool fan and Hollywood
producer Mike Jeffries, has hit
home Stateside, with the New
York Times reporting that Hicks
and Gillett are sending out a
negative image of Americans to
the English public. Jeffries, who
wrote and produced the Goal!
series of football-based films, has
started a campaign which has hit
the American media with
thousands of emails, suggesting
that no bank or financial
business should lend to Hicks. In
it, he cheekily writes: “Dear USA
media executive, we love America
in Liverpool but …we gave you
the Beatles, and this is how you
repay us?!
“ What happened to the ‘Special
Relationship between the U.S.
and the U.K.? Are you aware of
how Tom Hicks is driving our
beloved Liverpool Football Club
into the ground? How would you
like it if a British ‘businessman’
came over the USA and destroyed
the New York Yankees ?” The
letter was printed in full by the
New York Times (you can read it
here on: http://
) and several other huge
American newspapers. The
campaign will be backed today
by the SoS initiative, who are
planning a sit in after the
Sunderland game, and will then
repeat the process for the
following week ’s visit of
Blackpool. In a statement
released by the Supporters’
Union yesterday, they called for
all fans to join the direct action
aimed at driving Hicks and Gillett
out of the club.
“ We would like as many
supporters as possible, to make
their feelings known towards the
owners during the Sunderland
match, using banners, flags and
songs, ” the statement read. “We
ask everyone in the ground to
make their voices heard – let
everyone know you will no
longer tolerate the current
“ Following the match,
irrespective of the result, we
intend to hold a sit in protest.
Regardless of where you sit,
remain in the ground and make
your views heard. Gather at the
front of the stand you are in,
with flags and banners, and
make your voices heard. ” While
the Liverpool club board is
actively attempting to block their
owners ’ attempts to refinace
their debt – which is crippling
the club’s finances – manager
Roy Hodgson remained cautious
about the protest last night. He
ran the risk of alienating
supporters further, following a
dismal week on the pitch, when
he suggested that the action
could have an adverse effect on
his players. “It doesn’t help but is
something I’ve had to live with
since I came. It is a major issue
for a group of people who are
very much anti the owners and
anti the current people who are
trying to solve the situation. I
knew the situation existed and it
doesn’t help. But it’s often the
case when things are conspiring
against you there is always an
extra thing to come in and make
it worse. ”
The plan is publish the movie
on to You Tube and get as
many views on it as possible to
keep exposing what Tom Hicks
is all about.
Please support this effort.

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